Brush up on French with a free workshop at FIAF!

Sunday, July 10
1:30pm, 2:30pm, and 3:30pm

These workshops are offered from Beginner level to Expert level. View topics below. A staff member will help place you in the correct level. Space is limited to 14 people per session.

Sign up at the FIAF Language Center Booth between Park and Madison avenues. First-come, first-served.


Beginners (Level A1)

1:30pm : Bonjour de France! Explore iconic French monuments and learn how to describe places.
(Teacher: Nasser Larkem)

2:30pm : French Pastimes – Discover quintessential French pastimes and describe your own hobbies with the vocabulary you’ve learned.
(Teacher: Nasser Larkem)

3:30pm : Making Friends in French – Describe your friends and learn introductory phrases that can be used in social situations.
(Teacher: Nasser Larkem)

 Advanced Beginners (Level A2)

2:30pm : Eating Out in French – Learn the vocabulary and phrases you’ll need to order in a French restaurant.
(Teacher: Michelle Belneau)

Intermediate (Level B1)

1:30pm : French for Travelers – Learn basic phrases for getting around Paris, and practice speaking in travel situations.
(Teacher: Michelle Belneau)

Advanced/Expert (Levels B2+)

3:30pm : Parisian Life – Get a glimpse at life in Paris and flex your French-speaking muscles with your classmates.
(Teacher: Michelle Belneau)