Office de Tourisme de Paris
Office de Tourisme de Paris

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Paris : Simply Amazing! ‘A moveable feast’, indeed! An eternal and constantly reinvented city, Paris is mythical … and yet full of surprises. A welcoming capital open to the world and accessible to everyone, eager to protect the environment and improve quality of life. A metropolis that is always offering visitors something new, whether they are discovering it for the first time or already know it well. It is this multifaceted Paris that both its inhabitants and visitors are enamoured with.

Although Paris and its region boast a dazzling heritage with timeless charm, they are nonetheless innovative and daring. Creativity is at work in art, architecture, the arts & crafts, and of course in gastronomy. All year round, the capital has a buzzing entertainment scene with exhibitions, shows, festivals, trade fairs and sporting competitions. And from early evening until daybreak, nightlife in Paris offers so much choice: trendy bars, amazing rooftops, live music venues, funky new clubs …

Every district of Paris has its particular atmosphere, its top sights and attractions, museums just waiting to be discovered, secret gardens and unusual places. The historic heart, of course, is not to be missed, but it’s also a treat to explore Montmartre and ‘SoPi’, Belleville and the faubourgs, Montparnasse, the canals in the north and Chinatown in the south. This diversity makes our city so rich and exciting. That’s why, whether you visit with a loved one, friends or family, whether your dream Paris is ‘romantic’, ‘cultural’ or ‘festive’, you are sure to find it here.