Ode to Freedom
Street Art for Mankind with Kinmx and Iljin

Live Painting & Interactive Workshops
Sunday, July 15, from 12-5pm

60th Street & Park Avenue (south west corner)

Join artists Kinmx and Iljin on 60th Street where they’ll be creating a larger-than-life painting inspired by the theme Ode to Freedom. Watch the masters at work, or join in the fun and help them paint during interactive sessions throughout the day.



Kinmx is a famous Mexican street artist, who lives in Dublin, Ireland. She is known for her inspiring and vibrant women portraits that can be seen in galleries and festivals all around the world. Learn more.

Follow her on Instagram @kinmx


Iljin is an emerging Polish street artist, who also lives in Dublin, Ireland. He is known for his bluish palette and stylish female characters. He participates and curates festivals all around the world. Learn more.

Follow him on Instagram @ilJin_art

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